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Sample Sale

Here you can find unique samples from our Showrooms and Photoshoots, manufacture damages – such as small spots and scuffs -, and/or designs that didn’t make it into our collections.

All pieces have a 60% discount on PVP.

Note: All sample sale items are final sale, therefore not eligible for exchanges and returns.



cream crochet set : top, trousers and coat


printed shirt and pillow, memories collection


cream crochet set : top, trousers and coat


back greenkiss set yellow
Denim jacket

Quality and durability

Raw materials carefully selected in order to guarantee the quality and durability of each garment.


MEMORIES materializes the reminiscence of a childhood lived at its fullness.
Elegant pieces in neutral or colorful colors. Discover the pieces that best suit your style!

Feeling Nature

A collection inspired by the Amazon rainforest, the fluidity of spring days and the slow living of summer days. The exotic foliage connects all the garments as nature is all interconnected.

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