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Two years into our journey, we have a new story to tell. All progress requires change and “Rebirth” point out the beginning of a new chapter.

Is the story of a dream, where the soul is the passenger. A walk in a tropical forest, where all sensations are awakened, covered by its overwhelming biodiversity, colors and sounds. As we move forward in our journey, we find ourselves stumbling in a garden full of flowers, birds singing, in an early Spring that makes nature even more colorful. With every step taken, we feel the lightness and fullness that is completed with the encounter of a beautiful lake full of water lilies, where calm and peace reign.

“Rebirth” portrays in its pieces the dreamed moments through its delicately hand-painted and hand-drawn prints, giving rise to 3 different capsules: “Amazonia”, which represents the biodiversity of the forest; “Rebirth”, which paints the garden of early spring flowers and “Lotus”, which conveys the stillness and fullness experienced in the beautiful lily pond.


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